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Thousand Islands

Short Film by Nadav Heyman and Erez Heiman

Thousand Islands begins at an inpatient psychiatric facility, where Lou and Sasha reunite for the first time in six months. Lou is a quiet guy, honest and soft spoken, handsome but without hubris. He couldn’t be more different than Sasha, who is wild, loud, and uninhibited — she has the kind of charisma that turns salt into sugar, but that charisma comes at a price. The film oscillates between the past and present, slowly building intrigue around a third-degree burn scar that distorts the left side of Lou’s face. Through a thoughtfully integrated narrative, we learn how an extraordinary love story turned into a harrowing calamity. Not your typical love story, Thousand Islands tests the boundaries of passion, sexuality, and sanity while incorporating small moments of humor, intimacy and nuance.

“There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love.”  

We need your help:
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After spending the past eight months working on a comedic web series, we were yearning for a change of pace. We wanted to make a short film that is patient, sincere, and sensitive. We decided to take the mythological love story and turn it on its head. With only two actors, a seemingly simple topic (love), no zombies, guns or aliens and 15 minutes to tell the story, how do we create a world that is exciting and generous? How do we create depth? How do we create tension? How do we surprise the viewer? How, as filmmakers, do we take you (our audience) on a journey and compel you to feel along with our characters? The raw, human quality of Thousand Islands is precisely what makes it an exhilarating challenge. We can only promise one thing: to stay true to our vision and to give it everything we got.

Photograph by Christine Dong


Our expectations are extremely high for this film. We hope to have a finished product by August 2018 and begin submitting to the world’s biggest festivals, including Tribeca, SXSW, Sundance, Cannes, Atlanta, and Berlin. We believe our biggest strength as filmmakers is our ability to tell a story, and the story behind Thousand Islands is as powerful as it is subtle, and as optimistic as it is sinister. We believe this can be a breakthrough project for us, but we can’t do it without you.

Thousand Islands will be shot in Denver, CO. We are excited to support and bolster Colorado's flourishing film culture!

We need your help:


  • Producer

  • Assistant Director

  • Directory of Photography

  • Gaffer

  • Casting director

  • Cast members

  • Extras

  • SFX Makeup Artist

  • Production Designer

  • Production Assistants

  • Food

  • Transportation

  • Location rentals (i.e. studio rental for shoot)

  • Equipment rentals (i.e. camera lenses, lighting equipment)

  • Props and costumes

  • Post production services (editing, coloring, sound design, etc.)

  • Festival submissions


Any money raised beyond our goal will help us afford the resources and professionals necessary to make our vision come to life. We will allocate all of the money raised toward film production. We believe full heartedly in this project and are willing to invest the next six months of our lives without pay to making it happen.

Thousand Islands Promo - Behind-the-scenes 


Visit our Kickstarter page to meet our amazing crew!

From left to right: Erez, Van, Nadav, and Anton

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