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The synergy between Erez and Nadav is not coincidental. The uncle-nephew duo teamed up in 2013 and found a creative process that is at once inspired, challenging, engaging and effective. Their work ranges from movement based art films to narrative dramas, and what ties it all together is a meticulous story-based approach. Their short film "Jesus" won the Best Drama Award at the 2019 Oregon Short Film Festival and their newest film "Jackie & The Rats" has been shortlisted for Sundance 2020. For Erez and Nadav, the precedence is raw, human, genuine storytelling. Their goal is to continue surprising themselves and their audience, to pursue meaningful and compelling collaborations, and of course: to make you feel something.

Nadav Heyman  |  Writer & Director

Nadav is a writer, performer, and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. His written pieces have been seen on the stages of Juilliard, Boston Conservatory, and University of Maryland. His film work has screened in festivals around the world, including Australia, Romania, Spain, Thailand, Trinidad, United States and the UK. In 2018, he was invited for a three-month artist residency by Subhashok Art Center (Thailand). In 2019, he was commissioned by Danielle Agami and Mass MoCA for a new show starring Jon Hamm and Glenn Kotche. Co-founder of Somi Loto Films, Nadav's goal is to continue researching and observing life through story, movement, and film.

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Erez Heiman  |  Writer & Director

Erez is an Israeli born writer, director and producer. He developed works -- among them comedies, sketch shows, mockumentaries and documentaries -- for some of Israel's biggest networks before moving to the U.S. in 2010. He studied film at the Sam Shpigel Film School and received his degree in Multimedia, Web, and Video Production from The Art Institute of Colorado. In 2015, Erez published a children's book entitled, "The Land of Lost Art," which one critic in Israel called "Better than Matilda."  It's currently being translated to English and two other languages. Erez's vision for his written and directorial work is one of process, humility, astuteness, and unconfined imagination. 

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